If you look at the current status of your life, you can only see the surface level challenges that you are facing in the 3D physical world.  However, beneath the surface, you will find deeper foundational lessons that are imprinted within your being. I call this your Divine Wealth Blueprint.

I’ve seen many women focus on attracting money, doing all the things that are involved with manifesting, visualizations, meditations, chakra cleansing/balancing or even past life regression. They’ve tried so many different approaches to make money, feel good, vibrate at a higher frequency but nothing lasts. (I was one of them).  The one thing all these women have in common is a distorted bioenergetic field that manifested into physical form, like fatigue, physical body pain (neck, low back, and knees)

you will keep painting the same picture until you get to the CORE of the issue that’s holding you back from reaching your full spiritual wealth potential. It’s not enough to just DO the things without understanding what your unique divine wealth blueprint is. 

This session will help you do just that. We dive deep to uncover the core challenges to achieving freedom, creating cash flow and living blissfully in your goddess flow so that you can finally know what you are working with and have a plan to resolve it. 

Along the way, you will discover your life’s purpose and transmute your pain into wisdom and power.

What You Will Walk Away With

– You will finally have the answer to what the foundational ROOT cause of the symptoms taken over your life 

– A structured approach to transcend and transform life experiences, and step off the wheel of karma that has you repeating the same behaviors over and over so you can live meaningfully and with way more love, money, & fun.

– Blueprint of which life lessons (out of the 7 universal ones) are at play to help you move past them 

– A remote healing session to jump-start the flow and help ease any physical pain you may be experiencing

– Support after your session to help with the integration period

Here’s How It Works

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Celebrate for taking this GLORIOUS step towards your freedom

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