You’ve tried so many different things to help your symptoms go away but nothing lasts.

The pain keeps daunting you until you get to the CORE of the symptom. It’s not enough to treat the symptoms without understanding what caused it in the first place.

The foundation of where the pain stems from is buried so deep within that sometimes you’re in denial or maybe you’ve chosen to suppress the burden that its manifested into physical form as a way to help you to understand that it needs to be released.

This session will help you do just that. We uncover what the true meaning behind your symptoms really are so that you can finally release it along with the pain. 

What’s Included:

What You Will Walk Away With

– You will finally have the answer to what the foundational ROOT cause of the symptoms taken over your life 

– Blueprint of which life lessons are at play to help you move past them 

– A remote healing session to ease the physical pain

– Support after your session to help with the integration period

Here’s How It Works

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Celebrate for taking this GLORIOUS step towards your freedom

Want To Get Off The Hamster Wheel?

I’m Here to Help!

My clients are spiritual women and men who come to me when hope has been lost in conventional or even holistic/spiritual treatments. They’ve tried everything from diets, acupuncture, reiki, chakra healing, all the supplements, all the LOA things… but the pain just keeps creeping back.

My clients know that there is still hope because of their strong inclining feeling in their bones searching for freedom from the constraints of the physical symptoms keeping them stuck.

I help you heal not just the symptoms but the root of the pain. The root of the foundation of where the pain first started before manifesting into physical form. Together, we create a new life that you love and can enjoy- pain-free. We will break down old patterns, beat old paradigms, and free you once and for all so you can create what you want in your life. 

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