Welcome, Warrior, to your Journey 

By landing on this page, you have been guided to embark on a journey that will transform your life.
I’ve been in your shoes, the poem above was written from my experience.

The missing piece is HOW I arose as a goddess, a WARRIOR, from the darkness.

I’m honored to show you the way. Your HOW will be unique to you.

 Hi!! I’m Ellyn Katherine

Fun Facts About Me

My gift to heal and empower is amazingly eminent

My laugh is so contagious

I’m a sushi fanatic!

Teacher, healer and ascension catalyst… I’m here to help you claim your wings! Truth is, many people came here to help others in their ascension process but are so entangled in duality and the teachings of societal norms that keeps many stuck and eventually sick.

Coming into my true identity on this earth plane, I’m what you consider an Alchemist. My gift is to help you decode the cryptic message(s) your physical symptoms are sending you.

Once we understand the truth behind the symptoms we can begin to alchemize it. As your Medical Alchemist™, I heal your physical pain and educate spiritually inclined men and women to break out of the burden your pain has brought. 

I am dedicated to helping humanity navigate the human journey to ascend to its next level of consciousness. Transformation takes place when the life lessons behind the pain is uncovered, allowing the physical body to align and operate as one unit with spirit.

Work With Me

Inject huge amounts of fuel and life-force back into your everyday life in only 4 days ONLINE. (hint: fun and prizes included)

Go from chaos to calm, have more energy, more time and less stress!

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